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Who better to manage your organizations digital phone system than the same folks who manage your IT services. CWP Tech Solutions in Frederick Maryland specializes in medical billing software IT services and medical facility IT services now adds a full product line of VoIP digital phone systems to it’s long list of IT services to doctors offices and small businesses throughout the Greater Washington DC Metro Area

Everyone is talking about VoIP being the wave of the future in telecommunications, but what are some of its advantages? This is an easy question to answer, since there are so many benefits to VoIP. We will address some of the major ones in this article.

Digital Phone Systems Frederick Md
Cost savings is one of the most important reasons to use VoIP. CWP’s VoIP provides a significant cost savings over telephone service from the traditional providers. There are 3 pricing options that CWP offers. For $32 per phone, per month, each phone will include 1500 outbound minutes. This includes all calls to the 48 contiguous states as local calls so your long distance rates get reduced significantly. As you add additional phones the 1500 minutes start to create a pool. In a scenario that you have 2 phones in your office and phone 1 only uses 500 minutes but phone 2 uses 2000 minutes there would not be any additional fees because you would have 3000 pooled minutes and only have used 2500 minutes. For $39 per phone, per month, each phone will include 3000 outbound minutes. Very few traditional carriers offer affordable unlimited service but CWP offers this service for $45 per phone, per month. All inbound calls are unlimited no matter what plan you opt for.

Another area where VoIP provides a significant cost advantage is that of lower basic rates. VoIP providers do not have the overhead costs of maintaining large phone networks, so CWP can pass this savings along to the consumer. In addition, VoIP providers are not subject to the regulatory and tax restrictions that are placed on traditional telephone carriers. This lowers our cost of doing business and we can pass this savings along as well. In addition, some federal taxes and fees are still required we are not all of the taxes and fees associated with traditional telephone service.

VoIP service provides significant advantages through that of available features. Because VoIP is a digital technology, the feature set is extensive when compared to traditional telephone service. Having an IT company provide and install your VoIP services and phones allows for your computer network to also be upgraded for additional efficiency and benefits. Some of the available VoIP features do not even exist in the traditional market, while others are greatly enhanced. Besides the advantage of having these features available, some of them can be used to achieve significant cost savings as well.

One feature that is unique to VoIP is that of virtual phone numbers. Traditional phone systems require a phone line for each incoming call. For example, if your office has 5 lines you would traditionally have 5 different phone numbers but only publish 1 number and once a call comes in the phone system will automatically roll over to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th line available. Once your 6th call comes in the caller gets a busy signal and your company potentially loses money. With the virtual phone number you’re not limited to just 5 inbound calls. CWP offers unlimited inbound calls. Essentially you could have more inbound calls than you have employees to answer the phones. In this example we would setup an automated attendant to route calls to the appropriate department. CWP offers unlimited automated attendants at no extra cost.

If you have multiple offices you can have the VoIP service in all locations. Routing calls between the offices can be done via 4 digit transfer. All calls between the offices are considered inside the network and not subject to use the outbound minutes.

One feature that is greatly enhanced by VoIP service is that of multi-party (or conference) calling. While this feature is available from most traditional telephone providers, it is quite expensive. CWP offers 3-way calling and a conference bridge (up to 10 people) at no extra charge. There is one thing that you need to consider when thinking about multi-party calling – each call takes its own little slice of bandwidth. So you will need to make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth available from your high speed Internet connection if you plan to rely on this feature. This is another reason why you need an IT company such as CWP to provide you the service and expertise when setting up the back end of your phone service.

There are many other advantages to using CWP’s VoIP service. These include unlimited voicemail boxes, voice mail to email delivery, which allows you to listen to your voice mail from any pc connected to the Internet or if you have a smart phone that you receive your email on, this allows you to get your office voicemail on your cell phone, unlimited extensions, call transfers and call forwarding. Also, while traveling, you can access your VoIP service from any PC with high speed access by using a softphone. This allows your phone service to go with you anywhere. Because of its digital roots, you can expect even more unique or enhanced features to become available to VoIP users.

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What Exactly Is A PBX Business Phone System?

A business telephone system refers to any of a range of a multiline telephone systems typically used in business environments, encompassing systems ranging from small key systems to large scale private branch exchanges.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company. The users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls.

A PBX connects the internal telephones within a business and also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

One of the latest tendencies in PBX phone system development is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

Nowadays, there are four different PBX phone system options:

Hosted/Virtual PBX
Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

A business telephone system differs from simply using a telephone with multiple lines in that the lines used are accessible from multiple telephones, or “stations” in the system, and that such a system will often provide additional features related to call handling. Business telephone systems are often broadly classified into “key systems”, “hybrid systems”, and “private branch exchanges”.

A key system was originally distinguished from a private branch exchange (PBX) in that it allowed the station user to see and control the calls directly, manually, using lighted line buttons, while a private branch exchange operated in a manner similar to the public telephone system, in the calls were routed to the correct destination by being dialed directly. Technologically, private branch exchanges share lineage with central office telephone systems, and in larger or more complex systems, may rival a central office in capacity and features.

Hybrid keyphone systemsInto the 21st century, the distinction between key systems and PBX has become increasingly confusing. Early electronic key systems used dedicated handsets which displayed and allowed access to all connected PSTN lines and stations.

Nortel T Series Key System TelephoneThe modern key system now supports ISDN, analog handsets (in addition to its own proprietary handsets – usually digital) as well as a raft of features more traditionally found on larger PBX systems. Their support for both analog and digital signalling, and of some PBX functionality gives rise to the “Hybrid” designation[4].

A hybrid system will typically have some call appearance buttons that directly correspond to individual lines and/or stations, but may also support directly dialing to extensions or outside lines without selecting a line appearance.

The modern key system is usually fully digital (although analog variants persist) and some systems embrace VOIP. Indeed, key systems now can be considered to have left their humble roots and become small PBXes. Effectively, the aspects that distinguish a PBX from hybrid a key system are the amount, scope and complexity of the features and facilities offered.

Jive’s enterprise-grade features make all the capabilities of a top-tier telephone system available to small- and medium-sized businesses.
For years, the best phone systems were a luxury enjoyed only by the largest companies and institutions. Now, the best PBX features are accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses like your own. Jive systems are flexible, professional, portable, and scalable. For a full features list, please click here.

Jive’s web-based platform allows you to customize your own phone system. Our technology places all of the power at your fingertips. View Screenshots.

Need a new extension? Takes about 5 seconds. Need a new voicemail box? Different hold music? Changing a ring group? Easy. Do it yourself, or call us, and we’ll do it for you.

When a customer calls your office, you can’t afford to look unprofessional. A Jive system will help you portray to your clients the professional image you deserve.

Jive’s Auto-Attendant feature routes calls directly where they need to go. Your customers will never get a busy signal again. Instead, your Jive vPBX™ allows all handsets in your office to be in use simultaneously, with unlimited lines.

Are you considering moving offices? Unlike the mess of wires fastened to the wall of your telecommunications closet, your Jive Smart PBX™ can easily be transported wherever you go. Because our systems utilize existing office infrastructure, the transition is easy.

Adding new lines to your Jive system is as easy as buying a new telephone and telling us you have it. There are no extra hardware or “connection” charges. This way, you pay only for capacity you need.

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Introduction to VoIP Business Phones

Introduction to VoIP, PBX, IP PBX and What it Means for Small BusinessPart One
By Laurie Cebula for CWP Tech Solutions, Frederick Maryland

VoIP: What is it? VoIP, voice over internet protocol is technology for communicating around the globe using internet protocol rather than using traditional analog systems. It is one of the fastest growing technological industries in the world, an advancement that is sure to revolutionize telephone communications, telephony systems, telecommunications, and the business world: small and large, in an incomparable way.  

Using VoIP is – in basic deeds – as simple as sending email, or other data, over the internet to communicate, chat, IM, send graphics or connect in any form via the Internet protocol.

Moreover, VoIP has come to stand for new telephony technologies that use the Internet to carry telephone signals. In simplest terms, it means making phone calls over the Internet.

How Does VoIP Work?
When we said earlier VoIP is like sending an email, we mean exactly that. Digital transfers are treated equally whether you are transferring text, graphics, voice, or any other data or information. VoIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that can travel over the internet, using VoIP telephone calls are as simple as converting your voice signal into a digital signal, and then releasing that digital signal into the same vast bandwidth used to send email, data and other information.

When you pickup your phone, the dial tone converts to digital through an (ATA) Analog Terminal Adapter, it then transmits to the receiver’s address, and, finally converts to voice — and receiving party hears your message or your voice.

Key Concepts: Protocols, Network Protocols and Rules of Communication
What is a protocol? Protocols define a language and set of rules and procedures that enable devices and systems to communicate.

Networking protocols are critical to VoIP understanding. Network protocols ensure that all devices on a network or internet work agree about how certain actions must be performed in the total communication processes. In other words, Internet Protocols ensure all devices in a network speak the same language, and follow the same rules.

Let’s define this protocol as a key concept enabling a VoIP system in your small business. This concept and set of rules, tips and guides will make all the difference in your ability to make a smart, informed choice regarding how to service and support your VoIP needs. A networking protocol defines a set of rules, algorithms, messages and other mechanisms that enable software and hardware in networked devices to communicate effectively.

VoIP: What is the Big Deal?
VoIP, voice over internet protocol, is an emerging communications system designed to save your small business time and money – That’s the Big Deal! In order to understand how this new telephony system can save you money, it’s important to examine the differences in how each of the inter-related systems function; why they must do so, and how you can make it happen in your office to begin taking advantage of technology’s efficiency and therefore: money savings.

Small Business Can Save More for Less Investment
Small Business may save significant amounts of money using this innovative (and evolving) form of communication. Before we can show you how your business saves money on communication expenses, let’s briefly overview the principles of how VoIP functions and therefore, why it will save you money.
Simply put, VoIP Technology converts your voice (analog signal) into data (digital signal) and then neatly encloses it into “packets” which are sent to your intended party via a superhighway or huge bandwidth filled with a large amount of chaotic packets switching all in the same connection. When they reach your party, they are reassembled to make sense and that person will hear the voice data or receive the information sent from your original message of: “Check it out – I’m talking to you over the Internet. My company just installed a VoIP system – it rocks!”

PSTN, PBX and IP PBX: What’s it all mean?
A PSTN is what’s probably in place for your business prior to VoIP systems. Publicly Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) works in tandem with a private branch exchange (PBX). A PBX is an electronic switchboard that receives, routes, holds, forwards and manipulates calls arriving over the Internet – rather than via the PSTN.

Jump forward now to an IP PBX system, which further simplifies the mechanics of sending voice over internet protocols. A PSTN PBX connects many incoming and internal phone lines through a set of mechanical or electronic switches. An IP PBX, on the other hand, is mechanically simpler with software residing on the server on premises or a small, independent server that connects your existing data network to the vast Internet network.
Overall, IP PBX provides more efficient switching and is more flexible that a PSTN PBX system. For additional information on this critical issue or element of VoIP, see CWP’s next article on PBX systems and whether your business needs require a Hosted PBX system – versus – a PBX-on-Premise, aka, CPE or customer premise equipment. Our next chapter offers guidelines to help you decide the best solution.

Take the Guesswork Out of the Decision-making
Allow a VoIP, Internet protocol veteran to explore your business needs, assess your current equipment, as well as, your forthcoming requirements and align your needs: software and hardware support / upgrades to make a smart, smooth transition into the future of VoIP systems.

Critical Terms, Definitions, and Tips
Don’t miss our list of VoIP terms and definitions – it’s an invaluable list of VoIP related terminology you should know – prior to researching your small business’ VoIP systems solutions and support. In addition, check out CPW Tech Solut ions for a professional perspective and additional information on available features and services VoIP technology offers your small business.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about VoIP but were afraid to ask

Everything you ever wanted to know about VoIP but were afraid to ask

By Christopher Phelps

“Alexander Graham Bell Would Have Never Thought of This”

Who would have thought that one day we wouldn’t even need telephones to make telephone calls? The latest innovation in phone service technology, Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP), requires only a computer and a high-speed Internet line-and it’s cheaper than landline phone calls.

VoIP, (pronounced “voyp”) enables computer users to make voice phone calls and listen to voicemails over the Internet. This recently perfected service not only includes standard phone features such as call transfer, call forwarding, hold and conference calls, but it also can send your voicemails to your e-mail to be heard on your computer. Using the Internet to place a VoIP call is ultimately cheaper than using a landline phone. This new phone service is modernizing traditional landline service and providing a new style of luxury to communication. For example, if your business is run from multiple geographical locations, VoIP’s phone solution allows you to transfer calls as seamlessly as if you were in the same physical location. If you need to go on vacation but don’t want to be without your landline phone, simply unplug it from the wall, take it with you and plug it into the broadband Internet at your vacation spot. It will appear to everyone that you are still in the office with a fully functional phone.

VoIP even has an option for “on the run” salespeople or other professionals to use their laptops as a phone. A software-based phone is installed on the laptop and as long as you have a broadband wireless card to access the Internet, all you need to have is a microphone in which to speak.

How Does VolP Work?

When using VoIP, your voice is converted to a digital signal that travels securely through the web until it reaches its destination and then is converted back to a voice signal. You need broadband or a high-speed Internet connection to use this phone service. But there are limits to how many phones you can hook up depending on your networking environment. Installing VoIP in a business environment can be difficult if you do not have the proper infrastructure. But, because VoIP phones use the same Ethernet cabling currently in place for PCs, it is very convenient.

However, if you have too many computers in your office, the data from the PC’s and VoIP phones could collide and create poor phone service. A computer consultant can assist with separating the traffic to ensure that proper voice quality is maintained. A good business-grade Internet router/firewall is also important to maintain superior VoIP quality. Wireless handsets and adapters are available. For your more robust business phone systems that require automated attendants and various extension options, many VoIP carriers have some impressive software to allow you to manage these situations.

VolP Benefits

Voice over Internet Protocol has various advantages for users and is much more inexpensive than regular phone service providers- as long as you pay for an Internet connection. For those who love to multi task on the computer and hate having to run to pick up the phone, VoIP phone service would provide the convenience of being able to answer the phone while sitting at the computer. Business employees and people who travel regularly can bring a VoIP phone on the road and enjoy using their telephone wherever there is an Internet connection. You can call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Even when your computer isn’t on, you can use the phone service, and you’ll end up saving money on your power bill.

Christopher Phelps is the owner of CWP Tech Solutions, Inc., a full-service computer repair firm also specializing in phone systems, IT maintenance contracts and local search engine optimization. He can be reached at

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VoIP Business Phones and Mobile Internet in the News

Business VoIP Ensures Maximum Profits

It is quite logical that the main ‘mantra’ of any business organisation is to earn more profits and also to venture into various profitable progress. To support these factors, it is quite necessary that all the supporting features are efficient. As a matter of fact, communication plays an important role in this matter. On one hand, communication plays the crucial role while on the other hand, it requires the support of effective system. In fact, they are required to traverse parallel to ensure maximum profits.

Business Phone Systems Frederick Md

With the inception of the VoIP for business, things have become quite simpler these days. Nowadays, nearly all the corporate and business enterprises should bear in mind they must possess and manage good communication system. Now, it is quite interesting to note that if they use phone as the prominent tool for communication then a lot can be done by switching over to the business VoIP solutions. It has been witnessed that these solutions carry more added benefits than the conventional PSTN systems. As a matter of fact, these switch over process would definitely support the business enterprises to limit their communication cost to a significant level.

If these solutions are compared to the traditional PSTN services then it can be found that they are quite cost-effective. Moreover, these advanced IP solutions would not be entirely concentrated towards a particular call like the traditional PSTN systems. Moreover, the effective solution of Internet telephony uses a software of switching method for accessing the calls. This unique technology would allow the corporate and business establishments to cut down the cost of calling, as they are not extremely regulated like the the PSTN calls.

As a matter of fact, communicating with customers and clients across the boundaries should no longer be a concern these days. Moreover, you can even experience other extra benefits while accessing the long distance and international calls.

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Recent announcements are sketching a slight shift away from the Android platform.

Bloomberg (via BusinessWeek) reports that Google’s Android alliance is showing signs of strain. Although more than 60,000 Android-based mobile phones are sold and activated each day, there is now an obvious shift within partners to steer away from Google’s mobile OS… or at least, place the main focus on a variety of options. Verizon Wireless, which currently offers the popular Motorola Droid, is a prime example of the shift, declaring on Wednesday that it will not carry the Nexus One smartphone as previously intended.

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