Does your Business Need a Hosted Phone System?

Does your Business Need a Digital Phone System?

Is your business paying too much for long distance calling? If you are still using a traditional phone service provider, chances are that your business is grossly overpaying for long distance. Given our current economic crisis, businesses simply can not afford to waste money unnecessarily. By cutting back on service related costs, you won’t have to worry about laying off workers or cutting benefits. If your small business relies heavily upon long distance calling you can not afford to wait to make the switch from your current phone service to a hosted phone system.

A hosted phone system uses the internet to transmit calls. By transmitting your businesses calls over the internet opposed to the copper wiring of the past, you will have a lot more options that are available to you. This innovative technology eliminates a lot of the problems associated with traditional phone companies and opens the doors for greater flexibility in your communications. You will also be able to access your phone features via the internet and even your cellular phone which will make checking voice mail on the road a breeze. It has never been easier for you to stay connected to your business and your customers.

A hosted phone system can also put the ability to control all of your options into your own hands. You won’t have to call your phone company to send out a technician every time that you need to make a change. Your service provider should allow you to access your setting options directly on-line. That way you can change and customize your options when it is convenient for you. You can easily create new extensions and voice mail boxes for new hires. You can also customize your automatic messaging options which can come in handy if you are interested to advertising promotions to customers on hold or if you want to set up a time controlled automatic answering message.

Most importantly, a hosted digital phone system will drastically reduce your phone bill. Any calls made to your other offices throughout the country are regarded as intra-office calling. And long distance phone calls will cost you pennies per minute. There will be no more surprise phone bills that bust your budget. It makes no sense to continue to overpay for your phone service when there are alternate options available that will provide you with the reliability and affordability that your business deserves.

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